Friday Preview #1

​Weekend Preview:
Alright so my writing schedule has been non-existent over the last couple of days. I’ve been off sick or preoccupied with a lot of other things. I thought about writing while I was home but I really didn’t have the focus to be able to do it constructively. As such, my characters remain frozen in time right where I left them; mainly, dismembered.
I’ve kind of fallen back from feeling good about the progress I was making and feeling like I was on the right track back into my old ways of feeling lackadaisical towards writing and disinterested in my own story…if any future agent, editor, publisher is reading this and is thinking, “Why would I ever want to give this guy a chance? He doesn’t even believe in his own story!” please bear with me! This would be my first novel and the truth is that if I can get a manuscript completed, polished, and sent out to you it means that I broke through the plateau I’ve been stuck in my whole life and I have truly advanced myself as a writer. 
That being said, this week has been a hard week for me and writing seeing as I haven’t done any. My creative muscles have been limited to formulating ideas, character traits and future plotlines but not actually writing the novel. I am hoping to get back on the right track tonight/tomorrow. Tonight I plan to do a fair amount of reading and I will write if inspiration strikes. I have a fairly busy weekend planned with Christmas type things but I am going to force myself to sit down and push through this rough patch in my novel so that I can get into the plot points that I am really excited about. As I’ve said before, the rough patches I go through are just going to be forced out in this first draft because I believe that when the story is all laid out I will be able to easily go back and adjust the parts of the story I’m not happy with and replace them with exactly what should be there.
This weekend’s goals are simple: 
1 – Finish opening and introductory chapters (one chapter left)

2 – Write first flashback scene to explain childhood

3 – Read. 
Reading is one of the best ways to improve your writing as suggested by many authors out there and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy. Also, I signed up for the 50 Book Pledge (which I definitely suggest other avid readers check out) mainly as a way to keep me reading instead of just stretching a book out for months which I have done before. 
As far as non-writing activities, I am planning to watch the Santa Claus parade in my city of Markham, Ontario tomorrow and get myself a tree. Christmas always puts me in the best mood and I can always think of a whole bunch of ways to take the wonderful joy of the holiday and twist it into something more dark and sinister. There’s a reason the primary Christmas colour is red after all.


Author: Andrew

I'm a dreamer looking for a way to make my dreams come true so I can be a fantastic role model for my children.

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